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Interior Story

I was seven when I began drawing chalk floorplans on my parents driveway. While other girls in the neighborhood were playing house - I was designing the house. That was the spark that lit a fire in my soul for interior design. I would rearrange my furniture and decor in my parents house every time they left the house. A chair here, a sofa there, styling shelves and books, until I was satisfied. I would constantly evaluate interior space and the impact space has on the human condition. See the cute picture of me when I was seven. Don't judge my shirt - my mom dressed me obviously.

Montana at age 7

Now, as an registered interior designer and business owner, I can say that interior design fulfills me. It is equal parts creative with analytical, the desire to create and express a vision, yet the way to execute that vision. Interior design and home decor are ever evolving, yet I draw most of my inspiration from the client, the location and the architectural style - invoking an enduring style vs. trending.

When I'm not working on projects, I am researching, reading books, gathering information and reshaping what design is. I don't want to be subject to trends of home decor, but rather have design be a solid investment in living.

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