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Many years ago I started working on a project and the client said to me "I love beautiful tile". Unbeknownst to her, so began my love for stunning tile. We selected tile for her primary bath, kitchen, and related guest bathrooms, all which breathed new life into a full home renovation project. Below is an example of a relief tile with ogee edging.

There are a couple keys things I have learned since that time that are critical to getting right.

  • The layout of the tile is just as important as the tile selection itself. A good layout will highlight the tile, accentuate the beauty and showcase the design as an entirety.

  • Tile trims can kick up the design and finish off the tile edges nicely. If you look at historic homes, there were tile bullnoses, trims, liners and edgers that complimented the tile. Somehow we have lost those details and Schulter has replaced this. We never use Schulter and always consider tile edging as part of the design. It gives a truly custom finish to the tile design.

  • Consider tile beyond the kitchen, master bath or shower walls. Use tile to accent walls, features, columns, insets, it will add significant character and depth to a room. Not to mention, its crazy durable.

  • Don't use social media as a means of home inspiration, rather pull out magazines, books, artist references. Think outside the box - anything is possible.

Explore all the possibilities of tile.

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